My dear friends,

            With the risk of making my trip to Scotland seem more epic than it actually may be, I have to say that I anticipate this to very much be a life-changing journey for me. I only caught the eerie coincidence later but the book that I choose to read on the plane ride over was The Year of Living Biblically (Simon & Schuster: 2008) by A.J. Jacobs. Some how I suspect that this year will be my own experiment in trying to do the same.

            We arrived in Glasgow to be greeted by my mother’s wonderful cousin, Sheenagh, who runs a Kennel outside of Glasgow. My mother had been in correspondence with Sheenagh for almost two years and now they finally got the chance to meet. Sheenagh and Jim displayed an almost middle-eastern like hospitality toward us, allowing us to stay with her for a little over a week, eat her food, have her drive us to places to check out in Scotland…truly we were blessed. Also staying at a Kennel, brought me much closer to dogs so that now I can say I’m a ‘dog-lover’. Not that I disliked them before, but this was my first real affection exchange between myself and animals….if I’m not careful I may develop too much compassion and become a Vegetarian of sorts (spoken in jest, of course, one can never have too much compassion. who knows?….). Aside from this though, I have to say that physical-displacement did result in some ambiguity, some haziness when it came to my spiritual life.

Glencoe mountains

            No rebellion or sin, but merely a ‘uncentered-ness’. The closest I felt to seeing sacredness in the world is when we went to visited the mountains and hills in Glencoe. My goodness, I see why the pagans sacrificed on them, why the gods resided their, why Moses shone as he came down, why we try to climb them, and why only faith can move them.

            As for my intellect, it went into spirals of intrigue when we visited the Mother Lodge of Freemasonry in Kilwinning. The birth place of a secret-order, at first glance appeared very much like a social-club for older men. There was a casino machine, and even a small pub. My father and I had a conversation with the head of the Lodge, and it was remarkable how much he insisted on the fact that the knowledge of the meaning of Freemasonry’s symbols was public knowledge. Whenever we asked about the meaning of a particular symbol, the answer was ‘You can look online’….what he did not anticipate was that if it was we already would have. In addition, if the knowledge of Freemasonry is not a secret or exclusive in any manner, then what is the point? Lucky for us though, we also were allowed into the main hall, to examine its main symbols and look at the arrangement. Again, another remarkable fact is that while there was proclamation that that the society did not exercise any power, it nevertheless had portraits of all of its famous members that held political positions and the like.

This is the Mother Lodge of all Freemasonry located in Killwinning Scotland. This location was built in the mid 1800s but it originated here in 1147 with the builders of Killwinning Abbey

This is the Mother Lodge of all Freemasonry located in Killwinning Scotland. This location was built in the mid 1800s but it originated here in 1147 with the builders of Killwinning Abbey

            My last observation concerning the Mother Lodge was made in jest after we had left. I had noticed that the Mother Lodge was next to the police station for the town, across the street from the main bank, and a short walk from the Kilwinning Abbey. It struck me as a humorously interesting fact that the main centres of authority and power (or the symbols of such) were found all collected together around the Mother Lodge. Many conclusions could be drawn, the only one I drew was that this was not an accident.

            Lastly for this entry, I’ll just mention as few more personal developments. For all asking, I have not yet started classes. I start on Wednesday but for the most part (I say this with fear and trembling) it looks like material I’ve already gone over. I’m having an interesting experience learning to make friends here, for I’m having less and less a desire to be entertained by things, and more and more a desire to serve and do significant things (side note: I find that I miss Toronto women a lot, for real, my birthday was spent in an interesting way…which I’ll leave till next time). Have yet to find any home, I have found my peers, I have found some buddies, but nothing I feel I can put my roots into yet. However, I have enjoyed the slower pace, and there’s a slower pace, precisely because the cars have a faster, more hazardous pace. You learn not the jay-walk, to take a rest and look at the beautiful city and people around you. I’ve also gotten a chance to let a whole new batch of beats for my next Hip-Hop project, which I have already spent time writing.

That’s all for now friends, love y’all!


Next time: Glasgow, the Necropolis, St.Mungo’s Cathedral, John Knox, Edinburgh arrival