“If anyone else thinks they have reason for confidence in their social standing,

I have more:

Born into a stable home of a nuclear family, in Toronto, Canada

From a working class background of the most noble of Middle Class

Advanced in the academy at the most prestigious of schools,

Graduated with honours, respected by peer and professor alike

Well spoken, well written, strong presence

Professional enough for the upper-class, humble enough for the lower class

As White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant as one could be

As to the Laws of the Dominion of Canada, no criminal record,

As to sexuality, heterosexual, of the most approved kind

As to ethnicity, caucasian of caucasians, with no body marks or piercings

As to gender, Male

As to morality and community service, a wide variety of service

As to love, the most devout, committed, and passionate as can be

As to politics, Liberal to the conservatives, Conservative to the Liberals

As to alcohol and drugs, the abstinent of the abstainers

As to health, never a cavity, never a broken bone

As to churches, the anointed, the spirit-filled, the whole-hearted

But whatever gain or privilege I had or have, I counted as loss for the sake of Christ

Indeed, I count everything as nothing, as worthless, because of the surpassing worth

Of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord

For his sake I am slowly preparing to pay the cost, every last penny

Counting all gain and privilege as a pile of shit

In order that I may gain Christ and have my identity rooted in him

Not having a standing of my own that comes from the recognition of others

but that which comes through trusting Jesus, the glory from God that depends on


that I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, which birthed the universe

and may share his sufferings, bleed the same blood, wear the same wounds

becoming like him in his death

That by any means possible I may attain the resurrection from the dead

For while most worry about the sky or the ceiling as the limit

Many have striven to surpass death, but had followed no one’s lead

So it is now that the academy, marriage, money, law, country and more

Are beginning to be left behind, as I strain toward a better calling

the upward call from the grave of God in Christ Jesus

Let those who are wise think in this way, as foolish as it sounds

Let those who are cautious behave in this way, as reckless as it sounds

Let those who are settled be comforted in this way, as disturbing as it sounds

And if any think otherwise, God will in his time show you this

Family, may we imitate the saints gone before us

For there are many as is known too clear

who hate God, who hate each other, who hate even Jesus

Their end is war and strife,

Their gods are their belly, their amusement, and their bullshit

Their glory is in their conformity, their standing in the media

with their minds, habits, and intentions, focused on that bullshit

Which is not only bullshit, but is recognized as such by those who promote it

But our identity family

Is in heaven, not determined by anyone

from where we await a Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ

Timidity, I have

Fear, I have

Shame, I have

Embarrassment, I have

Grief, I have

Hypocrisy, I have


my dear family, the collective of emancipation,

The called out ones, the invisible body of God in the world

Ah, you are my joy,

May we revel in it, and stand firm and bold in Jesus